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Brazilian Xim Xim

Updated: Feb 4, 2023

Xim Xim?

We hadn't heard of it either...

Resident Foodie Crew member and local legend, Jason Buckner (under the watchful eye of his partner, Amy Dixon) demonstrates for us a masterclass in how to cook using our Caribbean based chilli sauce, Scotch Bonnet & Spiced Rum - Centurion 1744

With a culinary homage to Commodore George Anson, Jason passes the baton with his home made recipe for Xim Xim.

Check out Jason's Foodie Crew bio and be sure to follow Jason on Instagram @jasonbuckner104 for more beautifully presented, culinary inspiration without the faff.

Over to you, Jason.

Inspired by Anson’s travels to South America and Spice Island Chilli's delicious Scotch Bonnet & Spiced Rum Chilli Sauce, I cooked an Afro-Brazilian dish known as Xim Xim. A curry or stew as it’s known, derived from Brazil’s European, African and Asian influences.

The heat of the chilli marries perfectly with this rich, creamy, sweet and nutty sauce. I used chicken and crayfish tails, but you could easily make this a veggie curry if that’s what you prefer. Enjoy!

INGREDIENTS 2 Chicken breasts, 100g Crayfish tails 1 Diced onion 2 Cloves garlic Tablespoon of butter Splash of vegetable oil 1 Heaped tablespoon of Centurion 1744 Juice of two lemons Juice of 4 limes 350 ml of single cream 100ml water 1 Chicken stock cube 225 Grams of peanut butter Salt and pepper


  • Heat the butter and oil in a large flat casserole or roasting tray on a medium hob & gently fry the chicken until golden. Remove and set aside.

  • Add the onion, garlic & Centurion 1744 to the oil & fry without colouring then add the stock cube stir in.

  • Add lemon & lime juices, cream, water, peanut & stir together.

  • Slice the chicken and place in the sauce, add the crayfish, cover.

  • Place in the oven to for approximately 1 hour at 150 degrees (gas mark 2).

  • When ready the sauce should be thick. Serve with rice and plantain or whatever takes your fancy.



Hi, I'm Liam. Founder and creator of Spice Island Chilli

Spice Island Chilli®, based in Portsmouth, is a fusion of my two passions: History and Chilli.

It’s the reason I continued to create my handmade range of chilli sauces, sharing with you my interest for awesome new tastes and flavours, and the historic tales of adventure that helped inspire me to create the range.

Spice Island is the historic location of maritime trade and customs in the area of Portsea known as Old Portsmouth.

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