Centurion 1744 is Scotch Bonnet & Spiced Rum flavour - Very Hot Heat


Our vintage, our classic, our flagship of the fleet. Spice Island Chilli brings you, Centurion 1744 - Scotch Bonnet & Spiced Rum. It's broadsidingly good.


The combination of fresh flavours and intense heat means this sauce has many uses both as a cooking sauce, table sauce, dipping sauce and marinade. Caribbean style at its core, the blended combination of rum and fresh scotch bonnet creates an incredibly addictive hot sauce that never compromises on flavour.


Centurion 1744 is a very hot chilli sauce that will spice up anything it touches.  A great partner for many a kitchen victory and makes regular appearances in a range of recipes throughout it’s growing fan base. The boundaries of what you can use Centurion 1744 for really are limitless.


Such as…

Garlic Prawns, Chicken Fajitas, Vegetable Stir-Fry, Beef, Homemade Guacamole and even Cheese on Toast.


The History


The year is 1744. Commodore George Anson has returned to Portsmouth having successfully completed his circumnavigation of the globe. From an original fleet of eight, the flagship, HMS Centurion was the only ship to make it back to Portsmouth.


Tasked with disrupting the Spanish trade routes throughout the oceans of Mexico, Chile & Peru, Anson famously captured the Manila Galleon which was carrying over a million pieces of eight. It was a decisive victory for the 60 gun Centurion and Anson returned to England a hero, laying down the foundations of Britain’s global supremacy of the seas.


This brutal voyage of discovery and battle took nearly four years to complete. It resulted in horrific loss of life for the sailors. Only 188 men of the original crew of 1,854 survived to tell the tale. Anson reportedly, dropped to his knees on the beach at Spice Island and kissed the ground, thanking God for his safe return.


Just like Anson’s voyage, Centurion 1744 is not for the faint hearted.  This sauce is versatile and perfect for adding some adventure to stir-fry, chilli con carne or chicken fajitas.  Use a generous dash to liven up your homemade guacamole, add to mayonaise to created a chilli mayo or just enjoy with cheesey beans on toast.


Made in Portsmouth


Shake Well - Hold Fast



Centurion 1744 made with Scotch Bonnet & Spiced Rum - Very Hot

250ml wide neck glass bottles