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Lamb & Ghost Pepper Tagine

Updated: Feb 3

The beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Buckner is back. This time @JasonBuckner104 and his partner Amy build their Lamb & Ghost Pepper tagine recipe using Spice Island Chilli Ghost Ship to create a dish that is my Ghost Pepper & Garlic chilli sauce's raison d'etre.

I've also teamed up with friend and local beer enthusiast Joe Grant from @twothirdsbeer to hand select a beer that complements the rich flavours of this warming autumnal dish.

Ghost Ship is packed full to the brim with just the right ingredients to create a flavour and well balanced heat that builds as time goes by. To us, this was always going to be the start of a beautiful friendship.

Check out Jason's Foodie Crew bio and be sure to follow Jason on Instagram @JasonBuckner104 for more beautifully presented, culinary inspiration without the faff.


The modern beer world can be confusing, with so many different styles, hop combinations and flavour profiles to choose from. Joe's aim is to help people make better beer choices, so be sure to check out his Instagram for insights and news on local tasting events. Visit @twothirdsbeer to find out more.


Over to you, Gents...

Lamb & Ghost Pepper Tagine

Lamb & Ghost Pepper Tagine