Ghost Ship is Ghost Pepper & Garlic Flavour - Super Hot Heat


Appearing on the horizon is the long awaited Ghost Ship. Spice Island Chilli's Roasted Red Pepper, Garlic, Lime and Ghost Pepper Sauce. 


Dispite its inevitable and relentless sting, this super hot, super flavoursome cooking sauce is incredibly flexible in it's applications. All the flavour before the fire, this is a crew's favourite. Ghost Ship works perfectly with Indian, Turkish, Moroccan and Greek inspired dishes, as well as classics such as; spicy pasta dishes, chilli con carne, sausage casserole, ghoulash or even a slow cooked bourguignon. This is one for the heat experts to experiment with and of course, enjoy. Try it with caution.


The History


The year is 1878. The crew of HMS Eurydice are sailing home from the West Indies through calm waters and under blue skies.


Just a few miles from Portsmouth the ship is suddenly engulfed by a blinding snow storm and marauding black squall.


In an instant, Eurydice and over 300 souls are mercilessly capsized and swallowed by the malevolent sea.


Since that fateful day many sailors and visitors to the Isle of Wight lay claim to witnessing a phantom galleon - a ‘Ghost Ship’ that momentarily haunts the horizon only mysteriously disappear back into the mist and murk.


In a tragic seafaring disaster that remains largely unexplained, the old mariner's proverb rings true; 


‘The Sea never gives up its secrets’


Spice Island Chilli make Ghost Ship. A super hot ghost pepper sauce inspired by the memory of HMS Eurydice and her crew.


Made in Portsmouth


Shake Well - Hold Fast



Ghost Ship is made with Roasted Red Pepper, Garlic, Lime and Bhut Jolokia (Ghost Peppers) - Super Hot

250ml wide neck glass bottle