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Hardy’s Kiss is a mild mannered and loyal sauce with a fresh, tangy taste.  So good you’ll be creating your own kitchen victories in no time.


Such as...

Salads, Seafood, Cheese & Crackers, Poppadom Dip, Charcuterie, Vegetable Sticks and Pizza.



The History


The year is 1805. During his decisive victory at the battle of Trafalgar, Lord Nelson was fatally struck in the left shoulder by a French musket ball.


He was carried below deck with his Flag Captain, Thomas Masterman Hardy and whilst HMS Victory was still broadsiding Napoleon’s armada with her 104 guns, Nelson’s final words to Hardy were…


"Kiss me Hardy

Now I am satisfied

Thank God I have done my duty

God bless you Hardy”


18th century preventative measures taken against scurvy, the Navy’s biggest killer of the time, meant lemons and limes were regularly eaten while on board. There may well have been a faint citrus taste on Hardy’s lips as he embraced his dying and legendary Master, Commander and friend.


Made in Portsmouth


Shake Well - Hold Fast

HARDY'S KISS - Jalapeño & Lime


Hardy's Kiss made with Jalapeño and Lime - Mild Heat