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Bligh's Revenge - Chipotle & Tomato – Rich, Smokey & Warm

Chipotle chillies (pronounced; chi-phot-lay) are a mild level chilli pepper which we use to create Bligh’s Revenge, a rich, warm chilli sauce that is familiar yet unique and extremely versatile.


Cook: Fajitas, Enchiladas, Con Carne, Nachos, Spanish Eggs, Jack Fruit, Casseroles, Stews, Slow Cooked Braising Steak, Pasta Dishes, Lentil Dishes,

Dip & Table: All Day Brekkie, Bacon / Sausage Sandwich, Beans, Toasted Sandwiches, Tostada / Toasties, Pizza, Fish & Chips, Oysters, Dipping Crisps, Wedges, Fries, Goujons

Marinade: Chicken, Beef, Tofu, Jackfruit.


A medium chilli sauce with a determined smokiness. Made with Chipotle peppers (Smoked Red Jalapeños) for a medium scoville rating, Bligh's Revenge has a rich, classic taste that lends itself to uses as both a table sauce and a cooking sauce.


Perfect for an endless list of houshold favourites such as, all day brekkie, toasted sandwiches, added to baked beans for chipotle beans, pizza, fish & chips, etc. However, on the flip side, due to it’s depth and warmth, Bligh's Revenge also works well as cooking sauce. Eggs rancheros, slow cooked braising steak, pasta and rice dishes, fajitas/enchiladas, con carne, etc. The list goes on.... Bligh's Revenge will complement most things and adds that subtle, smokey heat to your favourite meals.  


The History


The year is 1787. Commanding Lieutenant William Bligh sets sail from Portsmouth on HMS Bounty. Overturned as Captain and set loose in the Pacific by a mutiny of the ship’s own crew, Bligh exclaimed to his loyal armourer, who was ordered to stay on board against his will,


“Never fear, my lads; I’ll do you justice if I ever reach England!”


After an exhausting voyage home in a small open boat, narrowly avoiding illness and with nothing but dwindling rations to help stay alive, Bligh reached England three years later.


Bligh immediately ordered a ship to collect the rebels from their island retreat near Tahiti and had them dragged back to Portsmouth to be court-martialled for their insolence. In 1792 Bligh succeeded in getting his revenge and those mutineers found guilty were brutally hanged by the yardarm in Portsmouth Dockyard.


Made in Portsmouth


Shake Well - Hold Fast



Bligh's Revenge made with Chipotle & Tomato - Medium Heat

250ml wide neck glass bottle

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